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The Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation is proud to partner in the creation of The Summit: Marian & Jim Sinneave Centre for Youth Resilience. Together with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and our generous community, The Summit will be located in the beautiful northwest neighbourhood of Hounsfield Heights and will be easily accessible by bus, LRT and vehicle, with onsite parking available. It is less than five kilometres from three of the four Alberta Health Services facilities currently serving pediatric mental health patients – the Alberta Children’s Hospital, Foothills Medical Centre and the Richmond Road Diagnostic and Treatment Centre.  

This location is also ideal for psychiatrists, who will be helping patients across all sites. It is also close to the University of Calgary, our research partner in this initiative.

Just as they were with the Alberta Children’s Hospital and Rotary Flames House, young people and their families were actively engaged in the planning and design of The Summit, along with health-care providers and researchers who will be working there.

The Summit will be a warm and welcoming one-stop resource dedicated to helping young people who are struggling with mental health issues. It will provide a much-needed alternative for families in crisis. Currently, their only option for treatment is a hospital Emergency Department – primarily designed to rapidly triage and treat children with physical ailments. The Summit will be tailored to meet the mental health needs of kids and teens and give them direct access to on-site assessment and therapy – all integrated with leading-edge research and training for the next generation of specialists.

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Like the Alberta Children’s Hospital, The Summit will feature special program enhancements to make the therapeutic experience as positive as possible for all those who rely on its services, including programs like Music, Art and Play Therapy.

Walk In Clinic


Like physical illnesses, the earlier mental health issues can be addressed, the better. Timely intervention improves outcomes. The team at the new Walk-in Clinic will be specially trained, recognizing that the first contact with young people experiencing mental health concerns can set the tone for subsequent care. Self-referrals are welcome, as well as referrals from AHS Child and Adolescent Addiction and Mental Health and Psychiatry Programs (CAAMHPP), other professionals in health, education, law enforcement and community agencies.


Young people can return for additional care for several days in a row if required. No fee will be required for services that will include:

■  One-hour therapy session for youth, parents and/or family

■  Development of personalized care and safety plans

■  Access to psychiatrist if required

■  Referrals to other CAAMHPP services

■  Links to community agencies

Intensive Services

A first of its kind in Calgary, the Intensive Treatment service is aimed at helping young people manage acute escalating symptoms to prevent or reduce the need for hospitalization. With a referral from CAAMHPP, an Emergency Department, Access Mental Health or The Summit's Walk-in Clinic, children and adolescents will benefit from scheduled intensive individual, family and group therapy for one to four hours daily for a period of up to two weeks. This program is designed to meet the needs of those who need more support from an integrated team of professionals.

Services will include:

■  Thorough assessment

■  Integrated multi-disciplinary testing​

■  Personalized treatment plan developed with family

■  Individual, family and group therapy

■  Outreach to provide in-home and/or in-school support


Day Hospital


To reduce their length of stay in hospital and ensure a smooth transition back to home, school and community, young people will soon have access to Calgary’s first pediatric mental health Day Hospital. It will enable them to shift gradually from around-the-clock care to eight to ten hours of daily intensive therapy. After receiving the support they need at the Day Hospital, kids will be able to sleep in the comfort of their own beds at night. This “step down” approach will occur over two to four weeks and will include outreach mentoring for educators and families.

Services will include:

■  Individual, family and group therapy

■  Medication management

■  Music, art and recreational therapy

■  Educational support

■  Outreach to provide in-home and in-school support


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