The new Centre for Child & Adolescent Mental Health will be located in the northwest community of Hounsfield Heights. 


The new Centre marks an important step forward in mental health services for youth in our community. The design of the Centre has been significantly informed by consultation with young people and families who need this specialized support. Their valuable insight has helped shape the look and feel of the future 3200 m², three-storey facility dedicated to and purpose-built for them.

Everything about the Centre – the light,  energy,  colours, room layouts and furniture – is specially designed and selected to create a warm, inviting, youth-focused atmosphere that contrasts the other clinical options currently available in our city.

​The Centre exterior features an origami-like design. This "wrapping" of the building uses interesting angles and lines to make the overall structure less intimidating and institution-looking. The exterior colours are neutral and calming, with blue drawn from the sky, wood soffits and natural greys on the walls to complement the surrounding neighbourhood. 

Two-storey vaulted ceilings will create an air of openness and fluidity from the moment families enter the facility. An abundance of large windows will allow for the healing properties of natural and borrowed light to be felt and enjoyed throughout the Centre. Nestled into an existing hill amidst trees and greenery, the design takes full advantage of incorporating nature into the design, which has been shown to help reduce stress and illness symptoms.

The Centre’s design team has taken every step to ensure each design detail as well as the functionality of the new Centre will create a nurturing, healing environment. In addition to consulting with families and mental health care professionals in our community, the team has also visited leading youth mental health centres throughout North America and Australia which have expressed both their support and interest in this innovative new Centre. 

For construction updates and to share your ideas for the new Centre, visit Together4Health.